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Rosen, Chess Endgame Training

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An experienced coach guides you through a practical training course
p. 175, softcover, Gambit Publications 2003



1 King and Pawn vs King: Basic Themes
The Rule of the Square
The Obstacle
The Oppositon
The Waiting Move
Key Squares
Furhter Examples

2 The King's Typical Fighting Methods
The Zigzag
The Body-check
Play on Two Wings
Further Examples

3 Typical Pawn Structures in Pawn Endings (1)
The Protected Passed Pawn
Connected Passed Pawns
Outside Passed Pawn
Further Examples

4 Typical Pawn Structures in Pawn Endings (2)
Pairs of Isolated Passed Pawns
Space of Advantage
Further examples

5 Typical Pawn Manoeuvres in Pawn Endings
The Spare tempo
The Blockade
Breaking Up
Further Examples

6 The Rook's Pawn
The Key Squares of the Rook's Pawn
Rook's Pawn and Minor Piece
Further Examples

7 Kinght Endings
Knight vs Pawn(s)
Knight and Pawn vs Knight
Strategy in Knight Endings
Further Examples

8 Bishop Endings
Bishop vs Pawn(s)
Bishop and Pawn vs. Bishop
Opposite-Coloured Bishops
Good and bad Bishops
Further Examples

9 Kinght vs Bishop Endings
Kinght and Pawn vs Bishop
Bishop and Pawn vs Knight
Knight or Bishop?
Further Examples

10 Rook Endings (1)
The Cut-Off King
The Extended Square
Rook vs Connected Passed Pawns
Further Examples

11 Rook Endings (2)
The Bridge Manoeuvre
The Philidor Position
The Karstedt Manoeuvre
Further Examples

12 Rook Endings (4)
The Frontal Attack
The Rook's Pawn
Typical Tactics in Rook Endings
Further Examples

13 Rook Endings (4)
Maxim 1: Rooks belong behind paaesd pawns
Maxim 2: Play as actively as possible
Maxim 3: Prevent counterplay
Further Examples

14 Queen Endings (1)
The Staircase Manoeuvre
Winning Zones with Rook's and Bishop's Pawns
Further Examples

15 Queen Endings (2)
Queen and Pawn vs Queen
Strategy and tactics in Queen Endings
Basic ideas behind Queen Endings
Further Examples

16 Endings from Easy to Difficult

17 Active for Teachers
General Advice
Advice on Individual Chapters
How to Deal with Errors

Index of Palyers
Index of Composers and Analysts

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