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Marin, Secrets of Chess Defence

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Learn how to defend and counter-attack
Of particular interst to club players is Marin's discussion of how to defend against unsound attacks, and th eproblem of how to parry the attack while retaining winning chances. Other topics include attack and defence in equal positions, where both sides must judge carefully how much of their resources to devote to the attack and the counter-attack. The main subject, though, is teh case where the defender is fighting for his life, and must decide how to maximise his chances of survival. Marin considers phsychological issues and explains the mainoptions available to the defender: simplification, cold-blooded defence, a postional sacrifice, 'blackmailing' the attacker, or a counter-attack.
176 S., kart., 2003



  1    The Noble Art of Defence
  2    Economy of Resources in Defence
  3    How Real is the Threat?
  4   The King as a Fighting Unit
  5    Fortresses
  6    Stalemate
  7    Perpetaul Check
  8   The Soul of Chess
  9    Defensive Sacrifices
10    Queen Sacrifices
11    Exchange Sacrifices
12    Minor-Piece Sacrifices
13   Two Minor Pieces for a rook
14    Simplification
15    Defending Difficult Endings
16    Premature Resignation

Solutions to the Exercises

Index of Players
Index of Openings

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