Schottisch, Göring-Gambit

Barsky, The Scotch game for White
The book which you are holding in your hands consists of seven chapters dealing with different move-orders. Every chapter comprises of a "Quick Repertoire", then a thorough theoretical study in the part "Step by Step" and "Complete Games".
In order to include a certain opening system in your opening repertoire it would be sufficient for you to read the review and see the games and this should not take too much of your free time. After this, you can start playing this opening in friendly games at your club or on the Internet. After you have amassed a certain degree of experience in the Scotch Game you should better study the part "Step by Step" and compare your actions with the recommendations of the author and possibly you might like to correct your playing a bit. The Scotch Game will become then a wonderful weapon in your chess openings armour.
196 S., kart., 2009
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Dembo/Palisser, the Scotch game
380 S., kart., 2011
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Emms, starting out: the scotch game
224 S., kart., Everyman Chess 2005
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Fishbein, The Scotch Gambit
An Energetic and Aggressive System for White

128 S., kart., 2017
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Wall, 500 Scotch Miniatures
106 S., kart., 1997
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Warzecha, Das Göring-Gambit
1.e4 e5 2.Sf3 Sc6 3.d4 exd4 4.c3
Der Autor zeigt das angenommene und das abgelehnte Göring-Gambit an vielen Musterpartien.
94 S., kart., 1993

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