Aagaard, Attacking Manual 1

Basic Principles
British Champion Jacob Aagaard, explains the rules of attack (the exploitation of a dynamic advantage) in an accessible and entertaining style. This groundbreaking work is well balanced between easily understandable examples, exercises and deep analysis. Five years in the making, this book wil surely not disappoint. Volume I deals with bringing all the pieces into the action, momentum, colour schemes, strongest and weakest points, evolution/revolution.
261 S., kart., 2008

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Aagaard, Attacking Manual 2
The Attacking Manual Volume 2 covers all of attacking technique. That is, what to do once the attack is up and running. In lively ni-nonsense language, Aagaard explains how the best chess players in the world attack.
461 S., kart., 2010
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Christiansen, Erstürmung der Barrikaden
Lektionen von einem amerikanischen Top-Großmeister über den Angriff im Schach
GM Christiansen untersucht über 50 Positionen aus der Praxis, unterteilt jede von ihnen in Schlüsselelemente und erklärt die richtige Strategie zur Durchführung eines erfolgreichen Angriffs. Die ausgewählten Beispiele sollen die große Vielfalt der Angriffsthemen veranschaulichen und ein aufschlussreiches und genaues Bild ergeben, wie die modernen Spieler angreifen und verteidigen.
192 S., kart., Gambit Publications 2002
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Christiansen, rocking the ramparts
A Guide to Attacking Chess
The ultimate book to instill in the reader an understanding of the middlegame with an emphasis on tactical alertness. All major opening systems are examined from both the White and Black viewpoint, taking into account the individual pawn structures and identifying appropriate attacking plans and strategies for White and counterattacking schemes for Black ? where these 'ramparts' are undermined. A final chapter contains anecdotes, combinational examples and even swindles.
A book to help competitiveplayers get more out of chess by adopting sharp aggressive play, which has in fact become the preferred modern style
256 S., kart., 2003
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Crouch, How to Defend in Chess
Learn from the World Champions
223 S-. kart-. 2007
21,90 EUR
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Gallagher, 101 Angriffsideen im Schach
Ein Großmeister erklärt, wie Sie die Verteidigung Ihres Gegners durchbrechen.
127 S., kart., Gambit Publications 2006
13,95 EUR
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Konikowski/Kohlmeyer, Der erfolgreiche Königsangriff
Tipps und Tricks für eine bessere Strategie
186 S., geb., 2015
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Lane, A Guide to Attacking Chess
This book shows how to create and execute successful attacks
128 S., kart., Batsford 1996
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Lane, Prepare to Attack
  • An essential guide to attacking chess
  • Introduces easy-to-learn techniques
  • Focuses on planning and strategy
192 S.,kart., 2010
19,95 EUR
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Marin, Secrets of Attacking Chess
In his previous work, Secrets of Chess Defence, Mihail Marin examinded the task facing the defender. Now he considers the other side of the coin. In his wide-ranging treatise, he discusses many topics including: the balance between attack and defence; the premises for atarting a successful attack: advantage in development; intuitive sacrifices; typical scenarios. The book features many practical examples from top-level play.
192 S., kart., 2005
26,50 EUR
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Marin, Secrets of Chess Defence
Of particular interst to club players is Marin's discussion of how to defend against unsound attacks, and th eproblem of how to parry the attack while retaining winning chances. Other topics include attack and defence in equal positions, where both sides must judge carefully how much of their resources to devote to the attack and the counter-attack. The main subject, though, is teh case where the defender is fighting for his life, and must decide how to maximise his chances of survival. Marin considers phsychological issues and explains the mainoptions available to the defender: simplification, cold-blooded defence, a postional sacrifice, 'blackmailing' the attacker, or a counter-attack.
176 S., kart., 2003
24,95 EUR
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Nunn/Cozens, The King-Hunt
This book contains the most exciting king hunts from the last 150 years.
160 S., kart., 1996
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Plaskett, starting out: attacking play
how to set up and execute decisive attacks
144 S., kart., everyman chess 2004
21,95 EUR
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Spielmann, Richtig Opfern
128 S., geb., 3. Auflage 2013
14,80 EUR
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Timman, On the Attack
The Art of Attacking Chess According to the Modern Masters
245 S., kart., New in Chess 2006
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Vukovic/Treppner, Der Rochade-Angriff

Neubearbeitet und mit einem zusätzlichen Kapitel Neueste Entwicklungen betreffend versehen.
353 S., geb., 2006

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Williams, How to Crush Your Chess Opponents

An inspiring guide for the modern attacker
110 S., kart., 2008

Simon Williams, one of Britain's most dynamic and aggressive chess-players, has selected his favourite attacking games from the modern era, and annotated them with an infectious zeal that will inspire and instruct. He takes us inside the decision-making process, explaining how each stage in an attacking concept is formed, and shows how top players spot the signs that indicate it is time to stake everything on an all-out assault. We also get insights into the role of intuition and calculation in both attack and defence.

17,55 EUR
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Williams, Improve Your Attacking Chess
250 puzzle positions to train your king-hunting skills.
160 S., kart., Gambit Publications 2004

Checkmating the enemy king is the ultimate goal in chess. In this book Simion Williams helps you to practice an dimporve your skills in this vital area of practical chess.

21,90 EUR
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