Rogozenco, Dorian

Rogozenco, Dorian
born 1973 in Moldavia, is today a citizen of Romania. Rogozenco is a strong chess player, who, e.g., qualified for the 2001 FIDE-WCh 2001, but who at a relatively young age began to favour his activities as an author. Rogozenco is one of the most successful ChessBase authors. In 2000 there was his CD “Sveshnikov System”; then came “The Slav”, “The Dragon 1 and 2” and “The Alapin Sicilian”. This is in fact a list of his specialist fields in which he keeps on producing highly interesting contributions. His books too: “Anti-Sicilians – a guide for Black” and “The Sveshnikov Reloaded” have received high praise in the chess press. Rogozenco lives in Hamburg.
Rogozenko, Sicilian Alapin System
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