Awerbach, Yuri

Averbakh, A History of Chess
From Chaturanga to the Present Day
88 S., kart., 2012

In this book, tha author, legendary Russian grandmaster Yuri Averbakh, presents a well-researched and documented theory about the origins, development and spread of this immensely popular game. In addition, over three dozne splendid color plates - presented on coated making the images suitable for framing - supplement his historical analysis
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Averbakh, Centre-Stage and Behind the Scenes
The Personal Memoir of a Soviet Chess Legend
Centre-Stage and Begind the Scenes describes the machinations of the notrious 'Sports Committee' and offers surprising personal views on Soviet players like Botvinnik, Smyslov, Kortchnoi, Petrosian, Tal and Spassky. Averbakh recalls his dealings with Max Euwe and Bobby Fischer, writes touching portaits of some almost-forgotten masters and offers sharp analyses of 20th century ches politics.
268 S., kart., 2011
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Averbakh/Beilin, Journey to the Chess Kingdom
Gold classics of Russian chess
284 S., kart., 2014
19,99 EUR
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Awerbach/Kotow/Judowitsch, Schachbuch für Meister von Morgen
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