Pritchett, Craig

Pritchett, Chess for Rookies
learn to play, win and enjoy
352 S., kart., 2009
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Pritchett, Heroes of Classical Chess
In Heroes of Classical Chess, Craig Pritchett selects five great players whose style exemplifies classically direct, clear, energetoc, tough, ambitious yet fundamentally correct chess plying attributes. pritchett studies the major contributions they have mader, copares their differing styles and discusses the critical influences they have had on the development of chess, ontheir peers and on all our games.
- An intructive guide to ülaying formidably classical chess
- Learn from the greats of the game
- Discover how famous chess minds work
224 S., kart., 2009
21,40 EUR
inkl. 7% MwSt.
Pritchett, starting out: siclian scheveningen
192 S., kart., 2006
19,95 EUR
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Pritchett, Steinitz - move by move
288 S., kart., 2015
  • Learn from the games of a chess legend
  • Important ideas absorbed by continued practice
  • Utilizes an ideal approach to chess study

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