Motwani,  H.O.T. Chess
Highly original Thinking is Paul Motwani's description of the acronym-based approach he advocates fpr chess thinking.
Those who play H.O.T. chess will build up a whole armoury of mnemonics to help them concentrate on key chessboard issues, even in the full heat of battle. using these concepts you will automatically give due thought to king safety, pawn structure, etc. and so come to a more useful, obejective assessment of positions.
192 S., kart., 1996
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Motwani, Chess under the Microscope
256 S., kart., 1998
24,95 EUR
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Motwani, the most instructive games of the young grandmasters
The author has selected the finest games of the brigthest young stars of the 1990s - including Kramnik, Anand, Adams and Judit Polgar - and annotated them in his own inimitable style. Readers will be both inspired and delighted by the games and notes, which both impart instruction in painless fashion and shed light on the factors that have made these players such world-beaters.
176 S., kart., 1999
23,40 EUR
inkl. 7% MwSt. zzgl. Versand
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