Sosonko, Genna

Sosonko,  Russian Silhouettes
Sammlung von Sosonkos Erzählungen aus dem New in Chess Magazine über Großmeister, Meister und Trainer aus der früheren Sowjetunion. (in englischer Sprache)
206 S., kart., 2001
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Sosonko,  The Reliable Past
The Reliable Past is the eagerly awaited sequel to Russian Silhouettes, Genna Sosonko's marvellous collection of portraits from the golden age of Soviet chess. Sosonko, who left Leningrad to settle in Holland in 1972, described champions and other key figures of Soviet chess from a privileged dual perspective. In this new book, the author again shows himself a perceptive chronicler of a time when chess occupied a unique position in his native country; but he also wanders across its borders with his memories of Dutch World Champion Max Euwe and touching tribute to the first ever British grandmaster, Tony Miles.
205 S., kart., 2003
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Sosonko, Smart Chip from St. Petersburg
and other tales of a bygone era
In Smart Chip from St.Petersburg, Genna Sosonko continues his famous chess chronicles. It contains a new series of fascinating and touching portraits of chess players, both famous and forgotten, as well as essays in which Sosonko gives a personal and erudite view on the psychology of the game. Why do old grandmasters - in spite of their experience - play weaker than young ones, what do chess players dream about, what does fame do with a master's ego, and how do chess and religion interact? Smart Chip from St.Petersburg radiates the author's love for and devotion to chess, yet is tempered by objectivity and detachment. It will surprise and enchant not only chess players, but all those who recognize the cultural value of chess.
197 S., kart., 2006
47,00 EUR
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