Zeuthen, Steffen

Larsen/Zeuthen, ZOOM 001
This book is an examination of a particular opening structure, the Grunfeld Indian Structure, from both White's and Black's perspective. This structure is {d4, Nf3, g3, Bg2} for white and {d5, Nf6, g6, Bg7} for Black. The authors chose to call this structure "ZOOM". There are two main sections: the first is an exposition and the second is a collection of 451 lightly annotated games. The exposition section is divided into 8 subsections: the first 4 deal with ZOOM for White and the remaining 4 deal with ZOOM for Black. The annotated games are grouped into 8 corresponding subsections.
364 S., geb., 1979



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Zeuthen, Modern Benoni Dynamics - Logics, Leitmotifs, Dialogues
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