Suetin, Alexey

Suetin, French Defence
256 S., kart., Batsford 1988
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Suetin, Moderne Denkmethoden des Schachspielers
GM Suetin machte den Schachspieler mit interessantem Partienmaterial bekannt, das ihm hilft, typische Fehler und Schwierigkeiten in der Turnierpartie zu überwinden. Methodisch wird der Abbau von Mängeln aufgezeigt.
168 S., TB, 1992
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Suetin, Schach aktuell - Grünfeld-Indisch Hauptsystem
153 S., geb., Sportverlag 1991
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Suetin, Soviet Chess Strategy
The Soviet Union is history, but ist influence on chess is still strong in the 21st century, as a glance at the rating list proves.
The late Alexey Suetin was perfectly qualified to reveal the strategic secrets of the Soviet chess school. Suetin was a strong grandmaster and for many years one of the most respected coaches in Moscow - he guided the ultimate strategist, Tigran Petrosian, to the World Championship, and numbered vassily Ivanchuk among his many other pupils.
Soviet Chess Strategy is a collection of Suetin's finest writing. Suetin instructs the readers on all the key aspects of strategic play, including the centre, dynamism, accurate evaluation, attack and defence, and the relationship between strategy and tactics.
240 S., kart., 2010
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Suetin, The Complete Grünfeld
306 S., kart., Batsford 1991
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