Pert, Richard

Pert, Playing the Ragozin (kart.)
A Dynamic Repertoire
440 S., kart., 2016

The Ragozin is an ideal system against 1.d4: Black establishes a foothold in the centre and quickly develops his pieces on active squares, with good chances for dynamic counterplay or a kingside attack. Black’s opening has proven its worth at the highest level, yet the underlying ideas are simple enough to be learned without excessive memorization of variations.

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Pert, Playing the Trompowsky (geb.)
An Attacking Repertoire
264 S., geb., 2013
While the Trompowsky is the main focus of the book, the author also covers two related systems: the dangerous 2.Bg5 against the Dutch Defence, and the quirky Pseudo-Trompowksy 1.d4 d5 2.Bg5.
  • Expert coverage of an attacking opening
  • Packed full of original analysis
  • Many exciting novelties
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