Janjgava, King's Indian & Grünfeld: Fianchetto-Lines
A detailed survey one of White's most popular opening systems
320 S., kart., Gambit Publications 2003

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Janjgava, The Queen's Gambit & Catalan for Black
This book shows the potential of the latter approach. By defending the Queen´s Gambit Declined, Black puts a firm road-block in the way of White's ambitions. If, as often happens when faced by sturdy defence, White becomes careless or impatient, Black is ready to break out and seize the initiative. Janjgava also shows how White's more hypermodern Catalan treatment can be met with the same strategy, and explains how, once Black has equalized, he can unbalance the position, and play for a win.
192 S., kart., 2000
20,25 EUR
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