Damski, Jakow

Damski, Schwerfiguren greifen ein
184 S., geb., 1989
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Damsky, chess brilliancy
What do we understand by brilliancy in chess?
The author delves back into history to examine how this concept has developed, before presenting a dazzling array of brilliant games from the past few decades - the prize-winners as selected by grandmaster panels for each issue of the Yugoslav 'Chess Informator' between 1968 and 1998. Apart from providing hours of pleasure, a study of these masterpieces will also surely help to add a sparkle to your own play!
224 S., kart., 2002
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Polugajewski/Damski, Verteidigung im Schach (a)
288 S., Leinen mit Schutzumschlag 1988
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